QuantUm Hypnosis Online

Online sessions are just as helpful, powerful and effective as face-to-face sessions. However, there is no need to travel, find a parking space or arrive and get comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. Hence, they are less time-consuming and less stressful.


In order to have a good online session we need to be able to hear and understand each other well. Online sessions are held via Skype. Your device (computer, tablet or smartphone) should have a webcam and it should be fully charged and/or plugged in. Skype (with an account) will need to be installed on your device. You will also need a stable internet connection and a reliable headset (headphones with microphone, directly in front of the mouth) with good acoustics, which can be connected to your device via a cable (no bluetooth headset and no in-ear headphones with a microphone integrated in the cable).


And, of course, you will need a pleasant room with a bed, sofa or recliner where you can remain undisturbed and will be able to comfortably relax for the duration of your session. Please make sure your family, kids and/or animals are taken care of prior to your session.