Prepare a list of up to ten questions and, together with the completed and signed forms that I previously sent you, e-mail them to me at least one week prior to your session. Should you think of anything else in the meantime, we can always add another question or two to your list on the day of your session.

Take time to calm down and quiet your mind, particularly during the days prior to your session – doing yoga, meditating or going for walks in nature will help you with that. Giving up electronic devices - a 'digital fast'  - to allow your body and mind to rest and relax even more is also recommended.

Your session will last as long as it takes (usually around four hours, possibly longer). Please take the whole day off for this. Spend the evening before quietly, eat only a small or light meal and do not drink any alcohol or caffeine but drink plenty of water instead.


Set the intention for a wonderful experience, and by the same token, free yourself from any expectations regarding the outcome and trust your Higher Self, as it knows exactly what is important, right and good for you at all times.

On the Day of Your Session

Wear comfortable clothing, have a light breakfast and drink plenty of water (as little/no coffee as possible) and, once again, set the intention for a wonderful experience.


We start by getting to know each other – you tell me about yourself, your life and we go through your questions together (approximately two hours). Then I gently guide you into the deep relaxation state of Quantum Hypnosis and together we look at one or two of your past lives.


After that I get in touch with your Higher Self to get answers to your questions, have your body scanned, alleviate any health-related issues and, if it is appropriate and the time is right, for you to receive healing (approximately two hours). Afterwards we will discuss your impressions, experiences and insights.

After Your Session

Eat something to ground yourself and drink plenty of water afterwards. Take time out for the rest of the day after your session. Relax, enjoy some quiet time, and spend the evening without much excitement or excessive socialising. You need rest to integrate what you have experienced and learned, so give yourself enough time and space for that.


The connection to your Higher Self and your inner guidance/intuition will still be open for a while after your session and you may receive additional information in the form of ideas, inspiration, impulses, visions and/or dreams over the next few days and nights.


Although most people remember most details, I will record your session and send you the audio file within a couple of days after your session. Listening repeatedly and consciously and actively integrating what you have experienced and learned is important. You will probably understand more and better and notice new things each time you listen to your session recording, which will support your transformation and healing process.


Should your Higher Self have given you specific recommendations or advice (e.g. about diet, exercise, habits, career, relationships, beliefs etc.), I encourage you to follow them as this is critical to your healing and transformation process as well as any positive changes taking place in your life.


No worries, you will not need to remember all of this. When you book your Quantum Hypnosis Session with me, you will get detailed information from me about how to best prepare yourself.